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Our Environmental Policy

Hyper-Region Labels Sdn. Bhd. is committed to the protection of the environment while providing its customers quality product and services by operating in accordance with requirement of ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Standard.
• Undertakes to comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and other requirements such as RoHS.

• Shall be committed to reduce waste and pollution arising from our manufacturing process

• Continuously monitor and improve our environmental performances through training and awareness programs

• Will ensure that policy is communicated, understood and disseminated to all people working for HYPER-REGION LABELS SDN.BHD or on our behalf.

• This environmental policy shall be made available to the public upon request.

We Are Committed to Preserving the Environment by:

Complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
Continuous consideration for Environmental Ecosystem.
Preventing water, air, noise and land pollutions through environmental action programs for ceaseless efforts to achieve a zero environmental burden.
Promoting environmental-friendly programmes, e.g. energy saving, waste reduction and recycling of water materials.

Our Objectives and Targets

  • Zero environmental incidents
  • Increasing the usage of renewable energy
  • Responsible for raw material procurement and manufacturing
  • Compliance with legal & other requirements
  • Zero product liability
  • Promotion of paper collection and expansion of recovered paper usage
  • Expansion of forest certified products
  • Compliance to waste disposal requirements

3R Campaign

Schedule Waste Management

Hyper-Region Labels practices scheduled waste management in accordance with the regulations under the Ministry of Environment while reducing harm to our environment.

At the same time, we practice 3R’s in Hyper-Region Labels which is Reuse, Reduce & Recycle to help reduction of wastage.
1. Waste is segregated by type of waste and code of waste at the production.
2. The waste weight taken will be updated on the inventory log & internal inventory system.
3. Approved contractor will collect the scheduled wastes for disposal.
4. Inventory & Consignment note of Scheduled Wastes will be created and acknowledge by department of Environment.
5. Documentation will be documented for future reference.

Environmental Communication and Reporting Channel